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Jack has reached his teenage years and like others at his age, the energy of youth is flowing through his body. He wants to explore, to learn, to experience new things (*).

But…and it is a big “but” that obstructs his path to personal growth. When at school, he finds himself separated from his schoolmates. Outside they are playing sport, and inside he is receiving “special” classes.

Seeing so much contained youthfulness in him, Jack’s parents encourage him to take up guitar lessons. He tries to learn, yet to no avail. His fingers hurt and the instructor's patience runs thin. Even though Jack wants to try other instruments, like the trumpet, or drum, his parents can't afford another special-needs teacher.

Then he turns to sport. Miracles do happen. Somehow he is able to pick up track and field relatively fast. When Jack runs and jumps, his face glows. His parents think he finally can outrun his fate. But the school’s funding for this is limited and there aren’t many initiatives around. What does the future hold for him?

Intellectual disability affects around two to three per cent of the population in Australia. Jack didn’t choose to be like this. But you can choose to help people like him.

Join hands with us and do our bit for the community!

Investing in community building is an important aspect of a socially responsible supply chain. Seize this opportunity to accumulate goodwill and better yet, give people with intellectual disability the chance to shine through sport.

Global Supply Chain Group is one of the sponsors for this event and we would welcome any contribution, whether big or small.

About the cause:

“The Special Olympics Australia (SOA) inaugural 54 Hole Golf Challenge is a unique event where players/companies have the opportunity to test their golf ability & stamina but more importantly support athletes with an intellectual disability.

The funds raised through the 54 Hole Golf Challenge will not only assist local regions to continue to offer sport and opportunities to athletes with an intellectual disability but will provide some assistance with the hardship fund to get athletes to the World Games in 2015 who have been selected after the National Games.”

Let’s achieve the target by November 17th 2014 and with your help we can assist these athletes achieve their GOAL to wear the Green & Gold.

(*) Name of the person is changed and any resemblance to real life is a coincidence

  • Goal $1,200.00
  • Raised $550.00
Top Donations
  • Kush Naidu - $100.00
  • Zarir Karanjia - $100.00
  • Mark Aquilina - $100.00
  • Daljeet Singh - $50.00
  • Sudhanshoo Sood - $50.00
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Daljeet Singh 11/3/2014 $50.00 Good on you Vivek, for being part of this worthy cause. Good Luck.
Kush Naidu 10/20/2014 $100.00 All the best Viv
Sudhanshoo Sood 10/18/2014 $50.00 Go Vivek..all the best ! cheers Sudhanshoo
Zarir Karanjia 10/13/2014 $100.00 will be a test of your concentration - 54 holes!
Anonymous 10/10/2014 $25.00 Best of Luck
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